Shruti Box

A Digital Shruti Box

in your pocket


Today, the smallest shruti with real shruti sound is released. The smallest of the world, very convenient for your practice, or for leisure, with a very good audio quality.

The shruti box is a small instrument with reeds, used to play a drone in music. The Shruti box is usually used in karnatak or hindustani music in India.

Is it easy to use? Yes: You just select a set of notes, and the shruti will play them together continuously. The main purpose is to create a musical atmosphere to sustain the soloist with its voice or musical instrument.

Our shruti box can do automatic transposition. You can configure it in any key with the same keyboard position. You just need to select the note to play on the C key of the keyboard.

Select 4 notes among a full octave

You can play up to 4 notes together (with or without octaves). It will produce a sound of high quality, much better than all the electronic devices you can buy for playing shruti.

No configuration needed, just start it and play !

Today, 30 december 2008, Shruti Box on iPhone/iPod Touch is available for all musicians.

Karnatak and Hindustani music

If you're interested to play indian music (karnataka or hindustani), this is the perfect "travel" shruti box you need. Tune your shruti in the indian harmonic scale. You select harmonic scale, and the base note for Sa. That's it. 

Western music, religious music

If you prefer to play western music and you need a tempered chord, then tune the shruti to the common tempered scale.

Musical atmosphere

You can create different musical atmosphere with the three different sound flavours of our Shruti box:

  1. PuceTraditional Harmonium sound, with deep sound of original reeds

  2. PuceLight shruti sound, which provides a clearer sound

  3. PuceModern flute organ, simpler, heavenly

For getting the best sound from this instrument, it is advised to use a good headphone or a pair of speakers with loudspeaker.

A great shruti box for a very small price:

$US 1.99 / 1.59 euros